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My entry for this years WA Guild China Painters Exhibition 5-6 May 2017

'Jewels of the Night'




Below: My entry in the 2016 Guild China Painters Exhibition

"Tree Rhythm"






 'Colour On-glaze' Exhibition 2015 




















'REMEMBER'  1915 - 2015  'Flanders Poppies' Hand painted in Gold Relief, Lustre & Gold



Porcelain Art is painting onto the glaze of china, porcelain, ceramic and glass.   Onglaze paint is applied to the plain white surface and fired in a kiln to around 800o Centrigrade.  During the firing process the heat melts the glaze enough to accept the paint and when the china cools, the design is set within the glaze forever.

The design is built up in layers and fired after each application. These are called 'firings'.  Onglaze paint includes enamel colours, relief pastes, iridescent lustres, metallic & pearl effects and precious metals such as gold and platinum.

The art was originally called 'china painting'.  The name 'china' was used to describe white ware made by the factories of England and Europe because it was similar in appearance to chinese porcelain.  The factories employed 'china decorators' mainly women, who painted designs onto white ware.   Clarence Cliff whose famous 'Bizarre Ware' took the 1930s by storm was a china painter, as was Renoir early in his career. Picasso also decorated china and many famous artists created designs for dinnerware including Frank Lloyd Wright. 

During the 1990s I wrote 3 books all published by Kangaroo Press, Australia.  'Lustre for China Painters & Potters' was my first book and was also translated into French and published in Europe.  This book is now out of print but it can be found on 2nd hand book sites, such as Amazon.com and Ebay.  

'Easy Onglaze Techniques' was my 2nd book and was also translated into French and published in Europe and the UK.  This book is also out of print but I still have new soft cover copies of this book for sale. Please go to my BOOK PAGE for details.

'Easy Design Techniques' was my last book co-authored by Helen Jones. Also out of print but copies are often available on online 2nd hand book sites. 


























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