Heather Tailor Porcelain Artist

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A few photos of some of my jewellery creations.  I paint pendants, centrepiece necklaces, earrings, brooch/pendants and matching sets.   A lot of my jewellery features precious gems such as Garnet, Amethyst and Peridot plus Freshwater Pearls and semi-precious gems such as Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Malachite, Jade etc. 

Many of my pendants have hand made necklaces to match made from vintage glass beads, Czech crystals, Tibet silver beads, Bali Sterling Silver beads, cultured pearls and natural gemstones.   When I can obtain them, I use vintage carved glass medallions and stones that date to the 1930s.  Also, reproduction antiqued brass findings that are made from original 1930's metal stamps.

The medallions are fine porcelain decorated with raised paste, lustre, iridescent metallic, precious gold and platinum, kiln fired for a durable highly glazed finish.   All my drop earrings are fitted with Sterling Silver hooks or Vermeil hooks (14kt gold bonded to sterling silver). 


Above: 5 pendants featuring gems set in sterling silver with the porcelain decorated in lustre and raised white gold relief. Pendants have sterling silver chains. #1 Chalcedony - #2 Amethyst - #3 Garnet - #4 Aquamarine and #4 Indian Ruby & Garnet.

ABOVE: From Left to Right: #1 Dragonfly Pendant 48x38mm. #2 Iridescent Blue Lustred Pendant set with Freshwater Pearls 50 x 38mm. #3 Magenta Lustred Pendant set with facet cut Amethysts, S/Silver Chain. #4 Lapis Lazuli Centrepiece Necklace features antiqued brass finding & chain, e/rings to match. #5 Rectangular Violet and Gold pendant set with Cultured Pearls - Antique brass chain.

 ABOVE:  Sea Green, pearl set, vintage style centre piece necklace 50mm x 40mm. Features vintage antiqued brass stampings, chain, beads and a matching drop. Earrings matching the drop were also part of this set. Far right is another Centrepiece necklace made with vintage brass. The centre medallion is matt, bright and iridescent gold set with gold and bronze pearls.  Centre medallion 54mm with total width of 85mm.

ABOVE: #1 Malachite Centrepiece necklace set with a natural Malachite cabachon, with antiqued brass chain and malachite beads. 48x38mm. #2 Copper Rose Necklace and Earrings set with coppery pink pearls. Vintage chain, S/silver gold earring hooks. #3 Antique Centrepiece necklace in apricot lustre set with vintage (circa 1930's) iridescent peach glass 'leaves' from an old bracelet. Centre medallion 30x40mm - overall size 60 x 45mm with 30mm drop.

ABOVE from left to right: #1 Magenta lustred pendant set with pink, purple and black pearls with antique chain. 48 x 38mm oval porcelain medallion.  #2 Ruby/carmine lustre and gold 45mm round porcelain pendant set with facet cut garnets with garnet crystal chain. #3 45mm Round pendant in pink and platinum set with pink facet cut amethysts. Hangs from a Tibet Silver centrepiece with matching crystal bead chain.


I HOPE YOU ENJOYED LOOKING AT SOME OF MY JEWELLERY.  EVERY PIECE I MAKE IS DIFFERENT AND NO TWO PIECES ARE EVER THE SAME.  Most of these pieces have been sold at exhibitions, with the average price ranging from $45 to $75 depending on the size, gems and fittings.  

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BUYING A PIECE OF JEWELLERY please email me via my CONTACT PAGE and I will email you photos & prices of jewellery I currently have in stock. Visits to my W.A. studio by appointment.