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'Inspired by Maja'  2010

Pieces painted for the 2010 WA Guild China Painters Exhibition

MAJA is the name of a Spanish perfume that was very popular in the 1950s & 60s. At the time it was sold in every pharmacy around Australia and had a picture of a Spanish dancer on the packaging. The background design depicted Art Deco style flowers trailing down the box in red, black, cream and gold. After further research into Art Deco illustrations of flora, I designed a series of 5 pieces in red, black, gold and platinum. The largest vase is 22cm x 22cm and the ball shaped boxes are 15 x 15cm and 10x10 respectively.

The flowers and scroll work are done in Syringe work using Texture Paste. The matte gold flowers & leaves are Gold Metallic Decal and the others have been lustred in Red Ruby, Black Lustre, Liquid Bright Gold and Platinum with the white areas painted in Mother of Pearl.  The two ball boxes (below) have garnet gems set on top. All 5 pieces were sold at the exhibition.  




  'COLOURS OF THE OCEAN' 5" (13cm) porcelain jewel box  

 Hand painted in Green & Light Blue Lustre, chunky Texture Paste & Syringe work coated with Bright Liquid Gold.  Chunky gold band set with white, aqua and pale green Freshwater pearls.

Some years ago I flew to Exmouth in North Western Australia. The plane first landed at Shark Bay, then flew up the coast to Exmouth.  I could look down and see the whole of the Ningaloo Reef just off shore and all the amazing colours of the ocean and inner lagoon.   This jewel box is an abstract rendition of the reef.

  'GEOMETRIC DESIGN' 22cm Rectangular Vases & 15cm Box

The left side of the photo below shows the 3 Geometric Design pieces I displayed at the APAT Convention and the right hand side shows the back of the large vase and the sides of both vases.

 Hand painted in Copper, Blue Green Lustre, Gold and Platinum over a 'petit point' base of Texture   Paste. The two rectangular vases each feature a row of porcelain medallions.   My 'WORK IN PROGRESS' page shows how these pieces were created.




Photo shows the front and back of one of my Dragonfly vases painted for the Convention in 2009.  The dragonflies were created with Texture Paste extruded through a syringe to create fine raised lines for gold.  Their tails are dotted with 'balls' of Texture Paste and the eyes (on the front of the vase) are tiny porcelain medallions painted separately then attached later.   The background is 'blue green' lustre created by applying green lustre on top of light blue lustre (several individually fired coats) and finally Blue lustre textured with plastic wrap .    The raised line work has been covered with Bright Liquid Gold.    


The second Dragonfly vase has been painted using the same design modified to fit the wider vase. This vase developed more 'blue' in the lustre firings and the photo above shows the front and back of the vase.    

PHOTO BELOW shows the 3 'dragonfly' pieces together including the matching 14cm jewel box.






Cicada Vase 2012

Painted in Copper lustre with the  left panel marbleized and the right side dribbled with blue green lustre, this vase is 9" (22cm) high and 'pillow' shaped with a narrow top. The cicada design has been applied in gold relief and the three long curling leaves in iridescent blue green/violet metallic.  The back of the vase is marbleized copper lustre. 

Below is a 4" (10cm) jewel box in a similar design painted to match the vase.


Mackintosh Roses 2013





























Seven pieces painted for the 2013 WA Guild of China Painters exhibition in May.  The subject is based on Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Art Nouveau style roses. 

The designs on each piece have been created in white gold relief in what I call my 'cloisonné style' of applying relief paint with a syringe.  This creates panels and spaces that over a series of many firings are filled with Ruby Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Mother of Pearl and Black lustre as well as several shades of metallic onglaze colours.  The relief lines are finished in precious gold and platinum.

The tall vase at the back is 10" high (25cm) and the ball vase (shown below) is 4" (10cm)